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ZIMECTERIN® Gold (ivermectin/praziquantel)

can be trusted to control more species and
stages of parasites than any other brand.1,2


Your horse deserves a dewormer that does more.

The right parasite control is vital to help keep your horses healthy and performing their best.

Why your horse needs tapeworm control.

Half of all horses will get tapeworms that can cause colic.3,4 Most products don’t offer tapeworm control.

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Why you should stop now.

Deworming strategies have changed. What you need to know to help protect your horse.

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Resistance 101

Get the scoop on what really causes resistance and the changes you need to make.

1 Based on data provided on the ZIMECTERIN Gold product label.
2 Based on data provided in FDA Freedom of Information summaries.
3 Reinemeyer C, et al. A prevalence survey of antibodies to Anoplocephala perfoliata in horses from the United States. Proc WAAVP. 2003:18.
4 Proudman CJ, Trees AJ. Tapeworms as a cause of intestinal disease in horses. Parasitol Today. 1999;14(4):156-158.